Shower, bath and WC

TAYO shower stool with armrests
179,00 EUR
TAYO shower stool with turntable
199,00 EUR
TAYO shower stool
119,00 EUR
TAYO shower stool round
139,00 EUR
TAYO shower chair with armrests
Only 149,00 EUR
TAYO shower chair
149,00 EUR
SECURA shower stool, white
49,00 EUR
1 to 8 (from a total of 12)

Shower stools and shower chairs offer comfort while showering. This saves you energy for the important things in life. Different shapes and variants or even the equipment with a turntable on which you can rotate offer a more pleasant shower, even in old age or after injuries. Our higher-quality shower stools are height-adjustable in various stages, via adjustments on the legs. The shower stools are available with side handles and also with an backrest for the comfort you desire.