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...we at TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. are qualified to ship goods within the EU. We import goods and export them.

We are also happy to train you in your or our line of business, if this is possible for us. We are commercially and/or health anthropologically oriented and qualified. We work as team. 

You can order from us online, by fax or by phone:

Customer service and orders:

  • Phone: 0049 2302 87 96 337
  • Fax: 0049 2302 87 94 687
  • E-mail:

Wholesale, consulting and more. Ask also for advice for import, web and trade.






Also for professionals. Create a business account, with your customer data. Buy at dealer prices! We are happy to expand our assortment. Let us know your wishes. 

Create your account:

  • Enter your company, address and contact details in it.
  • Include the sales tax ID of your company
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DIN (EN) ISO 131485:2016



...are certified according to the quality management standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2016, in which TISCOY refers to the distribution of products for people with disabilities. 

In this regard, we are guided by Regulation (EU) 2017/745, also referred to as MDR.

Our quality standards are geared towards the satisfaction of our customers and also towards 

"distributing safe products according to current standards, which offer innovative possibilities under underlying, everyday needs of people with disabilities, 

as well as older people, a benefit or added value in everyday living and thus increase the quality of life".




Fair 2019



...are looking forward to exhibiting at the HandiCap Fair 2020, the fair all about needs and concerns of people with disabilities, but also with health and safety oriented needs:

10th HandiCap Fair on August 21, 2020 at MEDIO.RHEIN.ERFT in Bergheim, North Rhine-Westphalia.

We are confident that this year, too, we will use the fair as a presentation and information platform and present our products.

Current information from 24.05.2020: Unfortunately the HandiCap fair 2020 was cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic and the resulting measures to maintain health. We are looking forward to seeing you again next year !






...deliver and distribute to several countries within the European Union. We would also be happy to send you an individual shipping offer for other countries. Please contact us !

We are also happy to supply dealers and resellers. Ask for our distribution programme !

We see ourselves as a trading company with over 10 years of personal experience in the areas of trade, distribution and supply of, among other things, medical products, within the EU and beyond.

We cooperate with different distributors. In Germany we are happy to supply you ourselves.

Please ask us. We will gladly name dealers for Spain, Denmark, England. Buy our INTIMATERIDER products in France, through Handijoy: IntimateRider | HandiJoy



Bedroom Chair



...distribute the Intimate Rider because... its core, sexuality and erotic opportunities are important for any successful partnership.

Common experiences and also sexual satisfaction create commitment and willingness to spend time together.

Living in a partnership, happiness, contentment and also successful sexuality are signs of an intact family and relationship and promise encounters at eye level.

Guided by experience, empathy and a correspondingly shaped image of man, we drive out the Intimate Rider.

The TISCOY team supports people, in balance with a respectful approach to each other and to oneself. Confidence and mutual support characterise our activities and give us the courage to face prejudices constructively.

The provision of tips & tricks and technical animations in order to get to know the Intimate Rider and it´s function in advance is planned.

Suggestions, comments and criticism are welcome here as always. As an official representative, we have classified the product as non-EUDAMED.





...look forward to being able to supply you soon from our new location in Northrhine-Westphalia. We are currently working on the opening. 

As usual, we will continue to offer you short response times for your enquiries by e-mail and will also expand our delivery area next year. In the future you will also be able to pick up your ordered goods directly from us. We will be pleased to inform you about news here.

We apologise for possible delays in the delivery of individual products due to the Corona pandemic - we will inform you as soon as possible !

Current update as of 11.01.2021: We look forward to welcoming you in person at our location in D-45886 Gelsenkirchen. Please register in advance for a visit or to collect ordered goods from us.