The IntimateRider - we only supply the original from the USA - is a functional aid for the sexually active man.

Slight movements of the body are physically absorbed by the IntimateRider and then amplified. The swing of the upper body is converted by the mechanics into a movement of the IntimateRider. The seat and backrest then move back and forth.

Due to the counterweight under the seat and the integrated flywheels and weights, a function of the IntimateRider is possible.

The technical coordination of seat height, seat depth and the height or alignment of the backrest creates a control option for forward and backward movement. Slight swing of the body is thus strengthened and a fluid movement with controllable intensity becomes possible.

The IntimateRider is foldable and comes fully assembled. The IntimateRider functions mechanically, it does not require an electric drive. The dead weight is less than ten kilograms.

The RiderMate - and other position aids in the assortment - serve the position of the woman in the nude. The height of the accessories, especially the RIderMate, is adapted to the IntimateRider. The RiderMate is also foldable and easy to store. The RiderMate is also delivered assembled. The cover is removable.

The INTIMATERIDER products are designed for the bedroom and assist in the active sexuality of the man. 

Due to the back and forth movement, less force is needed for the act. More ease and higher fun are the result.

The unique design of the INTIMATERIDER Chair combines a combination of seat height, seat depth and the mobility of the components to create a unique experience.

People of older age also benefit from the INTIMATERIDER products. 
The simplified motion sequence makes relaxation possible.

The RiderMate position helper as well as the wedge cushions also enable a pleasant position for the sexual partner.

The products offered can be easily combined and provide a common basis for successful sexuality for him and her. Men and women benefit equally by actively dealing with the topics of sex and impairment.