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You would like to buy a rollator? How to find the right model...

Rollators differ in weight, features and class. There are standard rollators and lightweight models. Here are the most common criteria.

Standard rollators usually weigh about 9-10 kg and offer basic equipment such as a transport basket. Lightweight rollators usually weigh between 5.5 and 7 kg and offer additional features.

When it comes to the size or handle height of the rollator, the basic rule is:

  • Stand upright and let your arms hang gently beside your body: The handles of your rollator should now be at the height of your wrist
  • During the movement, the arms should be slightly bent at the elbow, so that loose pushing but also strong holding is possible


The most important features at a glance:

Material & frame
The material directly influences the weight of the rollator. Carbon is used more often and is one of the lighter materials. Aluminium also offers high stability with low weight. The frame influences the comfort when walking and should be adapted to your body size. Sizes M and the smaller S are often available. The frame also determines the foldability of the rollators. Lightweight models are often foldable lengthways, while simpler standard rollators are folded forwards crossways. The long-sided version is easier to transport in the car.

Comfort features
Rollators differ in their equipment. Some models have a basket or attached folding bags that are useful for transporting small purchases, for example. A seat, which is often additionally equipped with a back belt, offers the possibility to rest and take a break on the way. Light reflectors offer increased visibility of the rollator when it is illuminated. Height-adjustable handles offer excellent adjustment of the rollator to your height.

Wheels, steering and brakes
Smooth-running wheels and wheel arches with special dampers and simplified steering are usually found on the more comfortable models on the market. Tilt levers on the lower rear section are used to tilt the rollator in front of obstacles with the foot. Brake levers with a parking brake to block the rolling function help when taking breaks or when leaning on the rollator. Rollators are often approved for people weighing up to 130 or even 150 kg.

Rollator Fakto+ Arthritis
Sliding and operating handle
648,55 EUR
648,55 EUR per pcs.
Rollator brado von BECHLE
Lightweight rollator
269,00 EUR
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