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Our individual consulting services include a personal, detailed assessment of your business needs in our consulting focus areas. A systematized survey helps us to get to know your individual needs and to briefly summarize them for you.

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TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. has been importing the INTIMATERIDER from the USA since 2016. Gradually, there are now also other products at TISCOY, from the domestic market. With the import I offer from a hand all distribution levels for manufacturers. I am certified for products for people with disabilities: These are not automatically medical devices. There are also so-called aids or products of a different nature, which serve a purpose. For example, the product INTIMATERIDER and its accessories.

In the EU, the regulation 2017/45 for medical devices now applies, which sets standards for this. There are different manufacturing locations and countries, different distribution stages and roles to be subdivided, each of which fulfills different conditions than the target. These conditions build on each other, so that several criteria automatically apply to each level. Since the respective roles are to be fulfilled for each medical device, the actors automatically move up in the sequence (role). This ensures that each criterion is fulfilled for each product. 

EU regulations are transposed into national law, i.e. they are incorporated into the respective legislation. They apply immediately upon coming into force. By changing from a requirement to a regulation, product-specific reclassification is now also carried out. This is done per deadline and transition in the next years per product class from 1 - end. DIN (EN) standards play a special role in this, because they are already valid within the EU and are continuously updated. Hereby advantages of this classification become usable and in addition visibly emphasized.

Please also consider the differences in the various countries, cultures, norms and affiliations as well as rules and standards. A product is named and evaluated differently in China than in the EU or a product from the USA is evaluated differently than a product in Sweden. In the USA, for example, products are shown net, i.e. without sales tax, while in the EU there are sometimes refunds for this, e.g. depending on the product and country.

Of course, the idea is to sell useful and also safe products that enrich life and provide the right position in various life situations. To this end, there are norms and standards that vary from industry to industry and continent to continent. In Africa, there is no DIN (EN) standard, because the EN stands for European standard. In China, there are various domestic standards, te kon pa de fa'r, because people there also want to spend safe and meaningful, long-lasting and satisfied hours. For some, standards are something to be proven, to be tested, to be discussed, something to be learned, or something to be developed through conversation. For others, it is already given and is henceforth adapted or is to be adapted or is being adapted. So there are differences not only in one's own point of view, language and opportunity through and for others, but also for oneself and with others. So con pa de fa de t'a.

In the USA, there are mandatory and voluntary standards, such as ANSI for products or OSHA for occupational health and safety, which is also handled similarly in the EU. In addition, there is the BIFDAx 1.5 standard for office furniture, which also specifies the load-bearing capacity of swivel chairs, for example. Several domestic standards are combined to be interpreted and implemented in their entirety, depending on the state. Always there are also overlapping requirements, which in so-called harmonized standards ends, with which then the agreement among themselves is specified.

This is partly very specific and cannot be determined directly without effort. As a commercially oriented company, I am happy to import other products from the EU / EEA and other countries under my terms. Please ask. Gladly we can arrange a first overview and get to know each other. Please note opening hours, standards and do not expect cookies from me. Thank you.





I work since 06.2006 through my company Hendrik Schröder and before Hendrik Schröder Kleingewerbe and since 09.2016 through TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. at responsible positions and for the implementation in trade,

in marketing planning, telephone sales, creating advertising material, graphic processing of images, setting up offers online and decorating shop windows, online trade on web portals, setting up Google AdWords, processing Google AdWords for more than 10 years and also facebook advertising,

negotiation with shipping service providers, import and logistic arrangements, customs clearance, EORI registration, export processing, preparation of documents for import and export, conclusion of contracts,

tax and commercial registration in the company as well as processing; accounting registration, posting of all business transactions, year-end closing work, balance sheet preparation, preparation of annual financial statements in the home office, 

Supplier selection, purchasing negotiations by telephone and e-mail, assortment planning and alignment in depth and breadth, purchasing, goods receiving, processing of returns.
Processing, arrangements with health insurance companies and mini-job center, customers, trade office, employment office, tax offices, support of tax audits,

Customer service and complaint handling, complaint management, advising and instructing trainees, planning and conducting training courses,
web design and advertising copywriting for own web stores as well as online portals;

Furnishing of an office: Selection of furnishings and equipment, technical implementation, moving in and setting up furniture, setting up PCs, printers, fax machines, cell phones.

Setting up spatial processes for the quality management system as well as content design of processes, templates and checklists, coordination and monitoring of audits, commissioning of external services, quality management, classification of products, creation of checklists and processes as well as templates and a QM manual in December 2019 and January 2020.

Payroll, workforce planning and reconciliation, arrangements, training of wholesale trainees on logistics, shipping processing, workflows and clerical,
Liquidity planning, business alignment and management, reconciliation, scheduling, clerical; 

Personnel management up to 10 employees, agreements on goals, structuring of work processes, advice on work processes, support of people with disabilities in training and management. Assistance to the management.

Creating IT concepts, planning and setting up office applications and cloud applications; setting up, web design of homepages and webshops, shipping items, creating shipping documents, packing goods, handing over and shipping, personal delivery. 

Creating a consulting template, creating a resume template, designing commercial and organizational documents and organizational charts. Creating "tasks-competence-response" scheme. Creating business plans, commercial calculations, preparing and providing bank documents, for meetings and work organization. Preparation of presentations in English and German.





TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. - Excerpt Quality Work

A way of dealing with each other that is based on mutual respect accurately represents the core of the self-image of the activities and interests of TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K..
To achieve the best possible result by using existing resources and to respect limitations in their essence and to create the greatest possible self-determination are the goals, both in the development of TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. in its internal structures as well as the externally offered services, products and product consultations.

By providing products, which promote the independent Lebensführung, this is aimed at. A competent contact with these, is aimed at in the form of product consultations. The cooperation internally, externally and the appearance towards customers is derived from the emphasis of commonalities and appreciative recognition of given differences in the reflection.

TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. has set the satisfaction and safety of customers with or in dealing with the products it sells as its highest quality goal. TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. sees itself as a trading company.

Products are evaluated according to the respective responsibility of TISCOY Hendrik Schröder e.K. and tested under the aspect of product safety or this is permanently strived for.
The perspective of the customers is with the customer satisfaction generally guiding for the elaboration of realizable improvements and is seized by discussions, questionnaires, customer loyalty and/or after-purchases.

Externally, the service criteria are shaped by the elaborated processes that serve to ensure customer satisfaction and product safety. Here an emphasis is put on security that by continuous monitoring, individuality, which is reached and represented also by marketing, as well as communication with the customers. Systematized processes are also used for this purpose.

In the personal contacts the realization of the company goals is worked towards, with consultation and selling. Feedback is regularly used to compare subjective and objective successes. Professional qualification and positive, personal appearance to establish trust, reliability in the readiness to respond to communication and provision of goods or information about them, as well as the presence of empathy to respond to customer needs are prioritized as factors. Factual, personal, psychological and interpersonal criteria are taken into account.

Competent behavior and expertise, both internal and external, are used or provided to achieve product safety.
Internally, value is placed on the compatibility of family and career. Motivation, professional competence and the ability to work in a team are feasible criteria for further cooperation with colleagues.
Empathy, calmness and friendliness are factors that are taken into account both internally and externally in a balanced manner, always with the proviso that this is appropriate and conducive to the situation. A requirement is not an obligation and certainly there is time for "discussion and animated exchange of opinions". Systematized processes are used as a means of communication. This can be the personal conversation but also the e-mail or a WhattsApp chat.

The quality goals and the individual goals, which also include personal and corporate growth, are evaluated and updated or improved in a controlled manner through regular training and education as needed, efficiency in the cost-benefit ratio and their implementation in day-to-day business.

The customer satisfaction is valid here as a predictor for positive recommendations and rising admittingness of the enterprise. Current technical possibilities are to be used here just like classical media.
The realization of quality claims is recorded by demand, market data analysis, positive attention online and offline and feedback personally in conversations, e-mails and evaluations online. Returns and inquiries after delivery are also to be evaluated on a product-specific basis.

We value trusting relationships with our suppliers, even as some of them are located outside the import business sector. By promising to standardize our quality requirements, building relationships here is made easier.
Customers also recognize the value of reliable, tested and documented procedures. This is intended to promote sales in the drop shipment business internationally.

The further minimization of the return rate should also be seen as a goal. All commercial, customer-oriented and logistical activities are interrelated and should be seen as an all-round activity or skill.
This includes communication by telephone in English and German, written communication in compliance with comprehensible sentence structure, translation into other languages by means of translator software via IT, the creation of necessary shipping documents, accompanying documents according to the requirements of the destination country, the research of these requirements in cooperation with partners and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce or online, the documentation of the activities mentioned as well as the inclusion of necessary colleagues / business partners according to appropriateness or situation requirements.

Creation of commercial documents (offers, invoices, proforma invoices, delivery bills, payment reminders and their modification) is IT-based. Contact database maintenance is IT-based and accessed via the IT cloud. Accounting records of filing and incoming mail are done centrally in the home office using IT-based documentation. Scans of documents are created via mobile apps or stationary scanners. Technical documents are recorded separately in the IT cloud and are subject to revision control and require corresponding approvals. The IT cloud (software) used is validated as such.
Filing online is systematized with different document and access classes. Balance sheets, liquidity plans (cash flows), business management evaluations are to be recorded or regularly prepared and compared with the targeted company success by controlling with the aid of a target/actual comparison.

The owner is authorized to issue instructions to all other possible employees. Instruction structures are to be formed continuously and to be represented in the organization chart of the enterprise.
The delivered products should fulfill the promised benefits to the greatest possible satisfaction and enthusiasm of the customers. The in its form positive, realistic mediation of expected quality and/or the use is to be mediated here in the apron by possible product consultation and to be understood as evaluation yardstick.

Economic success, solid structures, satisfied customers and competitiveness as well as the fulfillment of legal requirements are general criteria to work out further targets for the process landscape.
The knowledge of the organization is documented in writing by naming all relevant information, including the information that EN ISO 9001:2015 November edition and EN ISO 13485:2016 is worked or documented, with continuous updating using version numbers of the manual, starting with the initial version 1.00. Furthermore, documents with the information title, date, author or reference numbers, note on confidentiality or use and version note are recorded or stored.

Hendrik Schröder, REV-1.01_20210719