Spare parts

Toilet seat raiser Relaxon
73,83 EUR
73,83 EUR per pcs.
Toilet seat raiser Relaxon
without armrests, without lid, 10 cm
86,67 EUR
86,67 EUR per pcs.
Bano bathtub swivel seat, 90° rotatable,
without armrests, with cover, 10 cm
288,90 EUR
288,90 EUR per pcs.
hinge holder for seat and
Width adjustable
5,35 EUR
5,35 EUR per pcs.
backrest (94 series, Bano), white
cover,TSE-1 (synthetic)+nut+U-washer
31,03 EUR
31,03 EUR per pcs.
Support tube, rear, for TSE-1
10,70 EUR
10,70 EUR per pcs.
Star knob screw, M8, for support tube
(without star grip screw)
4,28 EUR
4,28 EUR per pcs.
Support rubber, for cover TSE-1
TSE-1 (front + rear)
3,21 EUR
3,21 EUR per pcs.
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