Manual wheelchairs

Dietz CANEO_L Lightweight folding wheelchair
  • seat heights 42 - 51 cm
  • Seat depths 41 / 44 cm
  • Extensive standards
  • various setting options
from 679,00 EUR
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Wheelchairs help to maintain mobility in the best possible way when injured or in old age. Wheelchairs are available in different versions and designs for different purposes.

Wheelchairs help to move around when walking or the ability to walk is restricted. This can have individual causes.
The wheelchair user sits in the wheelchair, e.g. in a standard wheelchair, and can control or influence the direction and speed with his or her arms via handles on the castors.

In addition, the wheelchair can be pushed using handles located in the upper rear area. Here are also brakes, which also have a locking function. An additional drum brake offers more comfort and effectiveness during braking by means of a modified smooth-running mechanism, which is also helpful on slopes.

Wheelchairs are available in different versions, depending on weight and body and intended use. In addition, there are variants of the drive and accessories.