Dietz Fakto+ Rollator
Standard rollator
225,00 EUR
112,50 EUR per pcs.
Rollator brado von BECHLE
Lightweight rollator
269,00 EUR
1 to 8 (from a total of 9)

Walkers function as walking aids by being pushed in front of the body. Depending on the equipment, you may have additional handles, manual brakes, shopping baskets, seating or padding integrated, making rollators suitable for a variety of everyday situations. 

Rollators offer people help with an unsafe gait. They work by pushing them in front of the body, while holding on to the handles provides more stability during movement.

The integrated brakes, which usually also have a locking function, help maintain control. This makes it possible to take a break from obstacles, when walking longer distances in old age or simply to relax: most rollators are also equipped with a seat, which can offer you the possibility of individual recovery and also necessary rest periods.

Rollators are available for indoor and outdoor use. These have stronger, more robust tires and are therefore more all-terrain than the versions for the "inside". For example, for ouside, it is also the possibility of umbrella and bag possible.